Club Marti Gras

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mardi gras party, niagara falls on.

Playing host to bachelor, birthday, and other parties, the Club Mardi Gras is not only a fun place to hang out but also is next to Niagara Falls. This combination is the one-two punch for a fun night to relax and unwind after a long day.

Marti Gras is a tradition found in New Orleans, and the club was inspired by the massive parties in New Orleans. Seeking to bring these nightclubs to Niagara Falls, the club was formed and soon became a getaway stop for anyone seeking to party.

Combination of both worlds

The club combines the bead tradition and masquerades of New Orleans with the loud music and social interaction of the nightclub, ensuring that no two nights are ever alike and friendships or more can be founded when the identity of the person behind the mask Is revealed.

The outdoor patios also provide a calmer venue to look upon the rest of the falls, with the stars providing a backdrop to dances and romance as the party goes on. In addition, the DJ’s inside keep the music flowing with the latest hits in hip-hop and pop.

The music, party, and fantastic moments won’t be stopping as the night goes on.

A memorable evening

Whether your visit is for a celebration, a couple’s night out, or just a single person looking for some fun, the Club Marti Gras is the best mardi gras party, niagara falls on. So don the beads, ensure your clothes match the dress code and get ready to party.

Who knows, maybe the admirer behind the mask will lead to something more. Love at first sight does happen after all, especially in an area combining the love of New Orleans greatest holiday, and all that a nightclub overlooking the falls has to offer.