How Often You Complained That You Were Not Psychic

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This is during those times when you have had those heat of the moment arguments with your loved one. It is mostly the men who bear the brunt of such unfortunate relationship blowouts. It is unfortunate that men have a natural inclination to be inattentive towards their significant other. And it appears to be the case that it is mostly the emotionally driven women who are going in for online relationship psychic readings.

Full credit to the women out there who are not prepared to give up on a good or sure thing. They believe in long-lasting relationships. They believe in everlasting love. There is an unfortunate reason why most men would not dream of visiting a psychic to help solve their relationship issues. It is not so much a case that they do not believe in the psychic powers of the medium, it’s just that they are naturally inclined to bottle up their feelings and never open up.

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This, of course, is never healthy. But good men are learning quickly. Those who have been brave enough to turn to a psychic for help should be experiencing positive results. Love is in the air once more. And for their hard work and dedication, paying more attention to their loved ones’ needs, they are being accordingly rewarded. The old saying goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And the good, dedicated woman does not need to be a psychic to figure out what her man likes best. But of course there are those who stubbornly refuse to give the old man his macaroni cheese dish after years of throwing polite hints about. Perhaps this old boy was not as assertive as men in general tend to be.